Argentina 2012 Update – July 6th

This is the email I sent out to my family as an update to what’s going on:

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been able to update you all on the things that have been happening here…it’s been an adventure, to say the least! First off, we are all ok. We left SD Wed morning at 6a to get to LAX at 8a to leave for our flight at 10a to Miami. We got there and then flew from Miami to Buenos Aires that night and arrived at around 6:45a on Thursday. We originally planned on leaving to Tucuman later that day at 3:20p and get to Tucuman at 5:20p, but our flight got cancelled. We weren’t told why, but they had already rescheduled our flight for later (6p). However, that flight was cancelled as well, and then we were originally going to fly out Friday morning at 6a. Cancelled again. Then one more rescheduled flight to 3:20p, but it was cancelled one more time. We are still in Buenos Aires. We spent the night in the airport, because we thought it wouldn’t be worth staying at a hotel and also we would need to check-in our luggage at 5a. The issue has seemed to be something with air traffic control in Tucuman. We have only been told that they are only accepting emergency flights right now, and we are not one of those flights. We don’t know what to expect tomorrow, but we are hopeful that God will still bring us to Tucuman safely. No one is sick, though we had not showered these past few days! =)
We are currently at a hotel for the night, and will head out early in the morning, since it was hard to sleep in the plastic chairs they had inside the airport. Please keep praying for us, that we would all be thankful still for the opportunity to go and share the Gospel to those who do not know it, and be willing to serve one another, as well as the church in Tucuman, to the glory of our great God. Love you all! =)

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