Memorizing Scripture

One benefit to memorizing Scripture, I’ve been finding, has been to help explain the Gospel to younger believers who are processing more what they have come to understand. Every time I think about the Gospel (what the message is and how it relates to a specific area of my life), I find myself again thankful that God entrusted to His children a message that seemed impossible to accomplish, yet simple to explain to even a child. Past attempts at memorizing Scripture has had long-term effects, and I hope to get back into putting God’s Word in my heart for Him to use my life to further His kingdom.

I made a few documents that lists out verses in the ESV, ready and available to print, and helpful to have to review over and over again. I created a Word document for the following set of Scripture memory verses:

Gospel Memory Verses from the Evangelism Workbook made by Grace Community Church (with a couple additions) (18 verses)

Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology Memory Verses (57 passages)

The (John) MacArthur Scripture Memory System (52 passages)

The Navigator’s Topical Memory System (72 verses)

If anyone is interested in any of these lists, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to email it to you. One help I’ve found in keeping these verses in my mind is to record myself reciting the verse reference and then the verse itself, and play it on my MP3 player, leaving it on repeat until I can quote it word-for-word at least 10 times. If you find you can benefit from it and would want me to record it for you, let me know and I will do all I can to help with that as well.

One message that’s always been a helpful kick-starter for memorizing verses is a message on the life of Dawson Trotman, which was spoken by Dan Dumas at Grace Community Church. The message is called ‘Lessons from Church History: Dawson Trotman.‘ Hope this helps!