Take the Romans Challenge!

So I had made a resolution early 2009 that I would memorize the book of Romans. Well, so much for resolutions! I did not even attempt at trying and even when I half-heartedly looked for ways to do it, I was not even making the effort to start with the first verse.  However, upon reading Andy Davis’ “An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture,” I was convicted to try again. So I will try and go for it one more time in 2010, and have tried to get a head start.

Originally, I was trying to find any audio source that would have Bible verses individually recorded and listen to them constantly until I could say them myself without the help of the audio, but I could not find any such source. At the ESV Bible website, you can listen to chapters spoken by different people, and break it up into individual verses, but I needed to hear the verse prior to the actual text being read. Then I realized since I use my mp3 player to record audio for our youth group, I decided to record myself say the verse reference, then the verse itself. Changing it to mp3 form, I then placed it back onto my mp3 player (using Audacity, which, if you don’t have a recorder, can record off that program), and then put each verse on repeat and not allow myself to hear the next verse until I have it in my head. I’ve already begun to do this with Romans 1 and have the first 3 verses committed to memory. If you would like to join me, I’m linking to each of the 32 verses below for you to download (thanks Pat Shin for the idea for Dropbox!). Let me know if you’re interested. I’d love to have people join me so we can keep each other accountable (and challenge each other)! If not, try this with another book of the Bible. I’m going to try 2 verses a day, so hopefully, before this year ends, I’ll have this chapter down in no time.

Romans 1:1

, Romans 1:2,

Romans 1:3

, Romans 1:4

, Romans 1:5,

Romans 1:6,

Romans 1:7,

Romans 1:8,

Romans 1:9

, Romans 1:10,

Romans 1:11

, Romans 1:12,

Romans 1:13

, Romans 1:14

, Romans 1:15,

Romans 1:16

, Romans 1:17

, Romans 1:18,

Romans 1:19,

Romans 1:20,

Romans 1:21,

Romans 1:22

, Romans 1:23,

Romans 1:24,

Romans 1:25,

Romans 1:26

, Romans 1:27,

Romans 1:28,

Romans 1:29,

Romans 1:30

, Romans 1:31,

Romans 1:32


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