Coming Soon 2

This is my first in writing a series of me coming back and writing about wanting to write with more substance. It’s been about 4 months since I last promised an update about certain things going on in my life and interests that have been keeping me from writing in depth. I’m actually a little disappointed in myself, in that I have the time to write about how I haven’t been writing but not enough time to actually write what I want to write (that’s the philosophy speaking). I’ve learned so much at Lighthouse, from Sunday sermons to retreats to books that have seriously taken root in my life, including the continued study of Psalm 119 and now the Gospel According to John. Discipleship has been hard but fruitful, guys have continued to sharpen me by words of admonishment, encouragement, and simply by example, and God has continued to show me areas of my life that have not been under His Lordship and thanking Him for revealing that to me. I have many influences, but an audience of One (for what purpose do I write what I write?). Life involving my family still awaits further reflection, and even preparation in order to go through what I’m about to go through, but with God to remind me who I should be living for, it’ll be a blessing, and not a curse. Thanks for being patient, the two of you who read this (what can I say? I’m optimistic :-D). Until next time…


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