Where Do We Go From Here?

In spite of the fact that I cannot transfer my xanga entries onto WordPress, I think I might press on and start up a new blog here. I have to admit, WordPress is appealing in its clean look (and I do love clean). I do not plan on giving up Xanga altogether, since I’ve been on that thing for more than 2 years (4 if you count the one I had before). It might take time, but I do want to be more focused on what to write on this blog, and write a little more of what I am learning, instead of posting a dozen links for every post (though I love doing that). It’s going to be a challenge, but I pray to God that He would continue to renew my mind and heart in how to write a blogpost, so that I may show Him to be the Supreme One in my life, knowing that I must die to self and live for Christ. Hopefully, there will be overlap, even identical posts on both sites, but an increasing opportunity to show how wonderful Jesus truly is when He is seen in a true light: as the Sovereign Master over all, my life in particular, and that He has died in my place as the sinless suffering servant, and rose again from the dead to reign in the heavens with His Father, with His Spirit in us to make us more like Christ in preparation for the day of His second coming. I hope and pray that the Gospel and Christ are at the forefront of my mind and heart when I write a post, and that this is only a minor extension into the Christian life that must also be lived outdoors as well. It seems like I’m treading new ground here, and am not sure where I will go. Hopefully, I will follow Christ deeper and with more zeal, in the hopes that I please Him in telling others about Him and living a life guided by His perfect and pure Word.

Sea La Gloria Solo a Ti

To God Alone Be The Glory


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